Create Blog Post Images That Convert

I get it. So much work goes into making a blog post. A lot of time and effort is put into it. Sometimes even blood, sweat and tears. It can be so overwhelming and such a sigh of relief to have it done, that creating a captivating image is just beyond you.

While you pour your heart and soul into your actual content it's not really doing anything if you haven't sparked your readers to click on the image they saw on Pinterest, Twitter, their RSS feed or even the newsletter you sent.

How do you get your readers or passers-by to bite?

If you have really amazing content and have a hard time captivating your readers and creating that spark to know more, READ ON!

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Why We Need to Refocus Our Brainstorming Process

As I watched the pageviews of my top post grow (that was only published a month ago), and my list subsequently - I had to think to myself, WHY?  What did I do to nail it right in the head?  Why did this post outperform every other post and blow it out of the water?

And this is the reason girlies…

Because I created problem solving content.  

I saw a need. I had the expertise to solve the problem. And I provided a solution to the need.

Simple, right?

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5 Steps to Starting an Online Biz

Are you just starting up your business and you feel overwhelmed by information overload?  Are you growing your business and feel like all the tasks you need to incorporate seems nearly impossible for a one-woman show?

If this sounds like you, don't worry my friend - three months ago I was in the same boat as you. And though I haven't arrived in the least, I've taken steps. Some small and some big.

Today I'll walk you through everything I've done up until this point (just five steps) to show you that this online biz deal is definitely manageable and you can do it too!

Remember: No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch!

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How To Deliver an Opt-In Freebie For Free

Are you just starting out online and feeling overwhelmed about all the tools you need to start your business and the investment it takes?

I feel you.  You have a fabulous idea, everything is mapped out and ready to go. You’re pumped and excited and you start getting to work.

But then it all hits like a ton of bricks?  I have to pay for a domain, content management, social media scheduling, visual branding, and my email marketing service?

Pump the brakes.  “Man, that sucks,” you say. Feeling defeated, now where do you even start?  The plan and all that excitement is dead.

Turn that frown upside down my Squarespace using friend, because here’s the good news… I have a workaround for delivering that amazing freebie you dreamed up in your head for free

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Don't Lose Your Customers

You’ve done the work! Pat yo’self on the back girl.  But don’t pat too hard! The work isn’t over yet girl ;)!

You created high value content for your audience.  You gave away content and products for free that should have been paid for.  You created and sold products that helped your customers solve their problems.


Click the read more button to learn how to keep your customers, and gain their loyalty and trust.

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