3 Simple Ways to Extend Your Brand's Reach

3 Simple Ways to Extend Your Brand's Reach

Sometimes I start to wonder what my next move will be in my business.  What the next step is to enhance my brand; to set it apart from the rest; to cultivate my brand’s uniqueness.  Have you ever been there?  Please say I’m not alone.  

The online world is fast paced, and it is imperative that we are always putting ourselves out there and making the world aware of our brand.

If you are in a plateau in your business and are wondering what you can do to extend your brand’s reach, and give it a boost, keep reading.  We’ll be covering three different ways that you can boost your brand’s awareness and extend its reach beyond your current audience and customers.


Guest posting is one of the easiest ways to extend your brand’s reach.  Essentially you compose an article for a site other than your own.  Sometimes hosts let you have the run of the mill and you can do as you please, while others may have some terms and conditions that you may need to adhere to.  Examples could be that the article hasn’t been previously posted online before or that the article doesn’t contain affiliate links.  

Personally, when I guest post on someone else’s site, I want to have that post to be directed to the site’s target audience; and I want it to be something fresh (not just copied and pasted from one of my old articles on my own site, even if it is allowed).  

Also, I ensure that the person hosting my article is okay with me doing a call to action for their readers to be a subscriber to my own list; and include that call to action in my post.  This way, that entirely new audience has an easy way to connect without clicking over to another site and then finding the sign up box.


A collaboration is the next step from the guest post.  Both you and the other party are getting your hands dirty, doing something together (collaborating!).  This helps the both of you reach new audiences that may be interested in what you offer (free or paid).  Some of the ways you can collaborate are:

  • Joint webinars
  • Product bundling
  • Co-teaching a masterclass
  • Creating a unique product together
  • Pairing skills together to develop a complete system


What I love about online communities is how informal it is in a professional world.  It is a place where you can kick up your feet and talk “real life” with others that are in the same mindset as you.  You can share trials or successes that you’re going through inyour business and people “get you”, and they understand.  They celebrate you, and they give you insights to help you out when needed.  Besides that, it is a great place to find others and them to find you.  Communities are like neutral meeting grounds where one thing leads to another and then you find yourself collaborating with someone, creating a new product from idea generation and even booking new clients for your services.

In the near future, I'll be extending my own brand's reach in a couple of different ways and be offering you all some pretty rad new opportunities.  In the meantime, if you're a little stuck on branding or want to understand what it all means in a simple way, take the free course now.

Before you go, if you want to collaborate with me, I'm all ears!  Just send me a line at hello@shebuilds.biz.  Look forward to chatting with you soon.

Aukele Cockett-Askew

I help women create their own opportunities to build their dream job from the ground up.